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A profession undertaken over the course of a lifetime, encompassing more than one position and with opportunities for advancement.



Today's challenges due to the economy and specific factors of talent management/acquisition have created both issues and opportunities for professionals. You may be facing matters such as:

  • Creating and/or attending training that has greater and more tangible impact

  • Identifying specific solutions to employee/student engagement training challenges

  • Job change forced by downsizing, outsourcing, or merger integration

  • Career transition to create greater stability and/or motivation

  • Choices about promotional opportunities and questions about the best option

  • Pursuit of roles to maximize educational investments

  • Reentry into the workforce after some time based on forced or self-selected exit

  • Recruiting and career development efforts to fill upcoming leadership gaps

  • Maximizing recruiting efforts to yield better results during growth periods

  • Acquiring additional resources to support organizational recruiting, training, or coaching efforts

  • Determining if an MBA or other advanced education is worthwhile

  • ...and more



We work with individuals and organizations. Our focus is CAREER ADVANCEMENT.

For individuals, our services include individual advisory, job search, and consulting-focused job search services. Our clients range from undergraduate students to seasoned executives. We advise on defining career focus and goals, pursuing roles with selective corporate and professional services organizations, advancing your career internally, and re-positioning into a new career or field.

Our Capture Consulting Offers program provides specific training for students and professionals targeting careers in consulting. It includes case training and case coaching.

For organizations, our services include coaching, speaking, and training. We work with companies, professional services firms, MBA and university career offices, student groups, alumni organizations, and professional associations.




insights and EXPERIENCE

Career advisory requires a balanced set of capabilities. It is valuable to have a deep understanding of the business and roles that professionals occupy and are advancing towards. It is also important to know the inside perspective about what hiring managers and leaders look for when making hiring and promotion decisions. Along the way, there are multiple organizational and individual matters that influence our careers. An awareness and sensitivity of these is key to help navigate and consider the right approaches to pursue opportunities and tackle challenges.

Your professional needs, for your organization or yourself, are unique to your situation. There are often similarities to others and outside situations. The best approach is to blend prior experience and an assessment of the situation at hand. In doing so, the right approach, tools, agendas, activities, and solutions are brought to the client. In the moment, your situation may seem as if you are the only one facing it - experience tells us, you are not. How you approach your situation should be defined based on a deep understanding of needs and goals, thinking about prior case studies and best practices, and defining what strategy is needed for this endeavor.