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CCO Overview

Unparalleled Opportunity

Experience in Consulting

Our expertise in advising on the consulting-focused job search is three-fold: 1) Recruiting for consulting as an MBA (successfully), 2) recruiting and interviewing consulting candidates, and 3) working in MBA career services, engaging with firms and consulting-focused student groups. With over 15 years of hands-on, insider perspective, we know what it takes.

individual advisory

The first questions are: Is consulting right for you and do you have the credentials to get hired. We can work through both of these questions with you. We have capabilities to increase the impact of your resume, cover letters, and essays.

interview preparation

The consulting interview is well known: Case Interview and Experience Interview. Both are challenging and either can derail candidates. We have multiple programs that focus on these interview elements. We can work with you to learn the case interview process and practice cases. We can also work through your stories and examples, and your delivery to show your "super hero business powers" which will get the attention of consulting interviewers.

training and workshops

The Capture Consulting Offers program can be delivered to groups, ranging in size (small to large), and covers multiple dimensions of the preparation process. Topics include:

  • Consulting Preparation Roadmap
  • Industry Overview and Firm Deep Dives
  • Why Consulting, Why You, Why Firm?
  • Research Advantage
  • Networking: Insights and Connection
  • Resume Deep Dive
  • Experience Interview Deep Dive
  • Compelling Cover Letters and Essays
  • Case Solving Approach
  • Case Practice

The sessions can be delivered in person or by video/webinar. Programs can be customized to individual school and student needs.