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Review below to learn about Arch Career Partners Case Coaching role. For additional information, scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your inquiry or email Pam Schilling at Thank you for your interest!

1. Need

A variety of situations are driving the need for seasoned CASE MOCK INTERVIEWERS. As students and professionals prepare for both consulting and corporate interviews, there is high interest in practicing with a seasoned professional, who has conducted case interviews and assessed candidates in the "real" interview process.

The key need is to professionals who can effectively DELIVER a case mock interview, give focused and direct FEEDBACK (this means, it is specific and not shallow), and provide ACTION STEPS/GUIDANCE on how to continue to develop case interview skills.

An additional priority is to identify case interviewers who are 1. ADAPTABLE to different situations, interview styles, roles, firms, etc. and 2. PASSIONATE about helping to build both skill and confidence with the individual being coached.

2. Role / Qualifications

Arch Career Partners seeks Case Coaches to work in 2 types of engagements:

  1. Schools/Student Groups: There are a variety of formal mock interview programs being hosted by various schools (typically the career offices) and/or student groups (e.g., the consulting club). These are organized programs with Arch Career Partners working together with the school, during a specific time period.

  2. Individuals: There are regular individual clients (students and working professionals) who seek 1-1 coaching and preparation for case interviews, and are seeking case mock interviews. These occur on an ad hoc basis, and are typically scheduled as needed.

Case Mock Interviewer Qualifications

  • Education: MBA, Masters degree, or PhD (preference for a top-ranked business school or other graduate program)

  • Professional experience: Former consultant with a major strategy consulting firm, other consulting firm who is recognized for rigorous case interviews, or corporate experience in strategy or product management (or other role associated with case interviewing)

  • Case interview experience: Previous experience conducting case interviews as part of the recruiting/hiring teams in your prior organization

  • Enthusiasm for delivering case mock interviews

  • Ability to deliver strong feedback to give specific areas of improvement and actionable steps for practice

3. Value to You

This opportunity presents Case Coaches with both tangible and intangible value:

  1. Tangible: All case mock interview engagements are paid and fees are in the higher tier of the market.

    • Each school/student group engagement has a negotiated fee - Arch Career Partners presents the value proposition and challenge in engaging highly skilled case mock interviewers. We seek compensation levels for the case mock interviewers that reflects the value of this service.

    • For individuals, there is standard fee rate, again, in the higher tier of the market. Fees paid for individual engagements are set in three levels: Case Coach 1 (for new coaches), Case Coach 2 (for seasoned coaches), and Case Coach 3 (for long-standing coaches with the highest performance evaluations).

  2. Intangible: You can make a significant professional difference for the individuals you work with. Your feedback can help build an individual's confidence and advance their progress to being hired by a highly selective organization. You are paying forward to the next generation of professionals. In the end, you will receive a thank you for those who receive offers that recognizes the impact you have made. Along the way, you may create a life-long professional relationship. Possibilities are endless!

Once you submit your Application of Interest to Arch Career Partners, we are happy to review the specific fees with you. See below.

4. Case Mock Logistics

The logistics for conducting case mocks differs based on school/student group or individual engagement.

  1. School/Student group: These programs typically run during a specific time period. These are published on the Case Coach Hub. You may sign up to participate based on your availability (and often, we will come to you with specific requests). These programs can be delivered either face-to-face on the campus or by webinar. This is communicated to you, and you can commit accordingly.

  2. Individuals: When an individual requests a case mock interview, a communication will be sent to available case coaches. This may be a general inquiry (any case coach) or a specific inquiry (to a specific coach based on a need/match to the client). You will have access to the webinar system and will work directly with the client to schedule. Once completed, you will submit an invoice to Arch Career Partners for payment (which can be done via Venmo, Paypal, or other means as requested by you).

Typically, most case mock interview sessions are 60 minutes. This is about 35-40 minutes for the case itself, and the rest of the time for feedback and delivering actions/guidance to address the feedback areas.

5. Materials you Get

We are seeking your knowledge and expertise, and aim to make conducting the case mock interviews as easy as possible! As such, you will have access to the following Case Interview Toolkit:

  1. Case Coaching Training: We will do an advance session with you to review any logistics, school/student group program materials, recording instructions, feedback process, and other relevant content. This session is typically done via webinar and is ~ 60-90 minutes (one-time).

  2. Case Library: We have a repository of cases for you to access. We welcome your contribution to the Case Library as well! Our preference is to use these cases to allow for consistency, but we can discuss your interests/preferences. For school/student group programs,all case mocks use the same case.

  3. Feedback Form: We have a feedback form you can use for your case mocks. We communicate as part of our agreements that all case mocks receive written feedback.

  4. Webinar Platform: You have access to the webinar platform (when needed) and don't have to worry about what to tell clients. We will give you access and you can email the login to the client prior to your session.

  5. Recording: For webinar case mocks, there is a recording mechanism built in - you just need to email a copy of the recording once completed. For face-to-face, we recommend having the client record on their laptop of mobile phone, you just need to remind them!

  6. Evaluation: We get evaluations of the case mocks that you do. We share these and want to be sure you know the good work you are doing!

  7. Ongoing communication/training: We host periodic Case Coach Meetups. This is an opportunity to share experiences, brainstorm ideas, offer feedback to our processes, and discuss any upcoming programs/new things. It also helps us build our team and relationships, which hopefully you will enjoy on a broader professional front!

To learn more or submit your Application of Interest, complete the Inquiry Form or select the Application of Interest button.


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