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CCO Case Workshops


Case Workshop Information/Materials

Included here are informational resources and materials to accompany the Case CORE and Case Catalyst workshops.


To get started learning about case interviews, which are typical for management consulting interviews and common (increasingly so) for corporate interviews, reference the following materials.

1. Introductory Video

2. Introductory Video - Powerpoint

For learning case interview "how to's" and mindset:

3. Case Books/Reference

4. Great TV/Movies


The CCO Case CORE is the foundation of case solving. Learn what firms assess and the approach to solving cases in interviews.

1. Case CORE Workshop Powerpoint

<<Case CORE Activities>>

2. Case Demo Video Slides w/charts

3. Case Interview Videos: Demo Library

4. Additional Case Interview Preparation Guidance


The CCO Case Catalyst is the companion to the Case CORE. In this session, you will practice with partners applying the case solving techniques, focused on hypothesis, structuring, and analytics.


<<Consulting Math Prep - Activity>>

Session Materials:

1. Case CATALYST - April 2017 Session

2. Case CATALYST - July 2017 Session