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  • Who: Case mock interviewer are former consultants and industry professionals - see more below!

  • When: Select time available for your chosen interviewer

  • Where: Webinar and possibly in person if located in Chicago, IL

  • Availability: Note, September and December to Mid-January are peak times, thus schedule EARLY and be flexible

  • Options: Tailor your case to your firm and function focus(es)

1-1 CASE MOCKS with experienced Consultants!

Benchmark where you stand!

Have you been working cases on your own or with peers and want to know if your prep is on track? Have you recently started your case practice and want some targeted and focused feedback?

If so, our Case Coaching team would be pleased to work with you!

What it included in a case practice?

  • 1-1 practice case with a seasoned consultant with knowledge of how firms assess case interviews.

  • No involvement in the recruiting process so you get the best environment and feedback for learning.

  • 30-35 minutes to work a case, then 25-30 minutes for feedback and where you stand to have a strong case interview.

  • Receive: written feedback, specific action items to progress case performance, and recording of your session.

Consultants / Mock Interviewer Profiles

  • Consulting/Corporate: Pam, former Strategy&/Diamond Technology Partners/Huron Consulting Group

  • Consulting: Kevin, Former Bain

  • Consulting: Anthony, former BCG, current Blue Ridge Partners

  • Consulting: Stuart, former Bain

  • Consulting: Trevor, former Bain

  • Consulting: Rahul, former IBM Strategy Consulting

  • Technology/PM: Becki, former Braintree

Our team has conducted 1000s of case practices. Clients secured offers at top consulting firms and selective corporate organizations.