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CCO Catalyst

Info Session for 2019
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Date: Sunday, May 5, 2:00pm (30 minutes)

Catalyst Program Overview (PDF)

Why CCO Catalyst?

This is a cohort based program for HIGHLY MOTIVATED students and professionals to pursue consulting (or corporate) roles. CCO Catalyst overcomes some of the greatest challenges for in the job search - benchmarking progress, peer support/encouragement/feedback, and deep insights to secure highly competitive offers. Past CCO Catalyst Program participants have secured offers from Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Amazon, AlixPartners, and other top consulting firms and corporate organizations.

The aim is to provide individualized coaching (working with Pam) AND peer support - both are key ingredients for success!

Program Scope

The CCO Catalyst has a variety of elements, combining small group activities and individual, 1-1 coaching. Participation can be face-to-face or remotely (via webinar or video conference).

This is setup as a 12-week program and runs typically from Oct-Dec (aiming for internship recruiting), Jul-Sep (for full-time recruiting), and on-demand if a group of individuals comes together to form a cohort. Professionals outside of the university/business school recruiting cycles can join any cohort or reach out to form a cohort.

Included are the following:

  1. Webinars and small group sessions: The focus of these are key topics based on the preparation timeline and group needs as defined. These will be scheduled throughout the program. These are scheduled based on the timeline and key deliverables of the preparation process.

  2. A project management system: We will use ARCHER, my Basecamp based coaching platform. This is an excellent project management and communication tool. You will have deadlines set, with reminders. We will also use Dropbox for document storage.

  3. Individual coaching sessions: The base package (see packages below) includes 13 hours of 1-1 coaching. I will guide you on how to use the time (to review key deliverables) but you will have some flexibility (with guidance/approval). These sessions will include coaching focused on: Vision (why you are doing this!), fit, strategy, resume reviews (2+), Linkedin profile review, story matrix review, experience interview outlines review, cover letter + essay review, networking discussion, case practice, experience interview practice AND a 90 minute mock interview! Again, there is some flexibility in how you use these sessions (but, this is the rough plan).

  4. Ad hoc engagement: As you have questions, we will be in regular communication via ARCHER, email, or text.

Fee Structure

Package 1 - $1,500 for 13 hours of coaching (this includes 1 case practice, 1 experience interview practice, and 1 90 minute mock) - This will be paid as a $1,000 upfront fee and $500 when OCR is completed (Roughly Nov 15).

Package 2 - $1,700 for 15 hours of coaching (includes 2 case practices, 2 experience interview practices, and 1 90 minute mock) - This will be paid as a $1,000 upfront fee and $700 when OCR is completed.

Package 3 - $1,900 for 17 hours of coaching (includes 3 case practices, 3 experience interview practices, and 1 90 minute mock) - Paid as $1,000 upfront and $900 when OCR is completed.


The next Catalyst Cohort will begin June 1, 2019.

Applications are due by May 15, 2019

Each cohort has a MAXIMUM of 10 students. Thus, participation is by way of an application. Selection is based on an assessment of your motivation and readiness. We need to work at the highest levels and so, there is a mutual fit assessment.

The acceptance is based on the following factors: 1. Strong potential for success based on background 2. Clarity of interest in the role 3. Ability to articulate long term goals and alignment to the short-term career path 4. Demonstrated knowledge of recruiting expectations. 5. Coachability.


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