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Job Search Curriculum



Below are materials for the CCO Job Search Curriculum. There are topic overviews and templates/tools for planning, developing content, experience interview preparation, and case practice.

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Introduction -->

1. Consulting Career Overview

Update in process - coming soon!

2. Recruiting Readiness

3. Job Search Roadmap
Includes Case Tracker

4. Consulting Industry Overview

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5. Strategy/Focus

6. Key Messages

7. High Impact Resumes

8. LinkedIn

9. Networking

10. Cover Letter

11. Essays
Note: Generally, Advanced Degree applicants only.



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12. Case Interview Overview

13. Case CORE (Foundations)

14. Case Interview Solo Practice

15. Case Interview Delivery


16. Experience Interview Foundations

17. Experience Interview Deep Dive

Wrap-Up !

18. Ready, Set, Go!

19. Motivation