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Interview Demo Videos

The videos below provide samples of interview question responses in a variety of contexts. These videos are used to highlight certain key content and delivery elements, for a range of candidate levels and roles. If you have specific questions about a video, contact Pam to discuss the strengths and weaknesses (yes, there are some). These videos are actual interview candidates, not actors!


Resume walkthrough

One of the most important interview questions AND often, one of the most challenging. These videos answer any of the following questions (which are all the "same" - just different wording).

  • Take me through your resume
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Help me get to know you better

Why consulting

There are a variety of methods to answer this question. Here are a few example videos with different approaches.


Experience question: Leadership

Most interviews today ask about leadership. Here are videos which represent approaches to asking about "your most significant leadership experience" or "A leadership challenge where you had to motivate a team" and other similar questions focused on this key area of assessment.


Experience Question: Strengths / Weaknesses

In  variety of settings, employers will ask about strengths and also, weaknesses. There are differing approaches on how to answer. The demonstration videos present a few alternatives. 



Today, employers want to hire individuals who can help address complex problems. It is valuable to demonstrate you have done so in the past. These videos present a variety of responses to questions focused on problem solving and analytics.



Too often, candidates "fail" at responding to the questions related to failures. This question assesses your ability to speak confidently about your professional matters, demonstrate self-reflection, and indicate an ability to act based on lessons learned. The key is not to spend too much time on the failure itself.