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Kellogg 1Y Case prep


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Excel in Case Interviews

Led by Pam Schilling, Arch Career Partners (

Hosted by the Kellogg Career Management Center



1. Kellogg Case Preparation Kickoff

  • Conducted August 2, 2018
  • Powerpoint
  • See CMC for recording link - go to CMC Website | Videos and Handouts page

2. Case Interview Overview

3. Other Case Interview Reference:

  • Example of a case interview, topic of corporate roles and some consulting positions
  • Capital One - Case Interview Video

3. Books: Case Training


CASE workshop and practice

August 12, 2018

All participants will receive a workbook for this session. The workbook is not available electronically.

1. Case Workshop (9am-noon)

Case Walkthrough: Background/Solutions

Case Demo: Video Playlist

2. Case Practice (1-4pm)

Practice Session: Solutions


ongoing preparation

1. Research Guides - Consulting: LINK

2. Case Prep Guides: LINK


3. Introduction to Case Practice

Other videos coming soon!

4. Case structuring practice

5. Market sizing practice

6. Case analytics practice

7. Brainstorming practice

8. Business acumen/news review