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1. Instructions / Training

Instructions / Reference

  • This is a one-page overview of the main elements of the case mocks.
  • You may want to print this and bring a copy with you for your mock interviews



Videos/Reference - PLAYLIST includes:

  • Training webinar recording (from Tues, Dec 19)
  • An introductory training video from my case preparation workshops (just in case you want a review of case solving approaches!)
  • Demonstration videos of students performing this case (three different students)

2. CMC Logistics

NOTE: it is a 10 minute walk from the parking garage to the Kellogg Global Hub and CMC office.

Parking Information

The case prep interviews are offered in the Kellogg Global Hub on the Evanston campus at 2211 Campus Drive.  A map to the Hub and the North Parking Garage is attached.  We recommend parking in the North Parking Garage on Campus Drive. Upon entering the garage, please take a ticket to open the gate. Before you return to your car, please stop by the front desk of the Global Hub on the first floor and pick up a blue parking voucher. The parking voucher is needed when exiting the North Parking Garage. When you pull up to the gate to exit the garage, first enter your parking ticket followed by the blue parking voucher.


CMC Location

The CMC is located on the second floor of the Global Hub. Inside the main front doors, to your left are the elevators - take these to the second floor. Off the elevator, turn right and walk circular in a clockwise movement to the CMC. Ask anyone if you can't find it!

3. Case Mock Materials

We are all using the same case. Please remind your students when your mock is complete to not sure the content of the case with others who may have mocks scheduled in the following days. You may also wish to "improv" elements of the case, which is fine - use the notes more or less specifically, at your discretion.

4. Student Evaluations

A form like this will be in your room each day - after each student is finished, provide them with the evaluation form and ask them to complete (outside) and leave in the marked bin.

Student Evaluation

5. Invoice Template

  • For 2018, the following fees will be used:
    • 4 scheduled case mocks - $350/day
    • 5 scheduled case mocks - $450/day
    • 6 scheduled case mocks - $750/day
  • Note: Please do not sure these rates with other mock interviewers as we have a different fee basis for the case mock interviews
  • Submit your invoice no later than January 31, 2018 - use the template below, which includes submission instructions

Invoice Template (Excel)